Stencil 2τεμ. βάση decor ,10x10cm Stamperia

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  • Stamperia Stencils are very thin in order to get up to the smallest detail of the design, they are also transparent in order to be properly positioned on the surface to be decorated, very important with decorations on different levels. Many stencils are combined with Stamperia papers and MDF shapes to create pleasant and coordinated harmonies. Made of a special technical material that makes them flexible but very durable, they can be used on any surface, although not perfectly round or smooth. The colored profile defines laser cutting of the design while the size is related to entire mask including edges (an average of 1 to 2 cm).
  • To decorate walls, paintings , furniture and objects is necessary the repositionable Spray Glue to keep the stencil in place on the support during the work.
  • You can also wash and reuse them many times, always taking care to dry them well. After use it is advisable to keep them in their original packaging.

Βάρος 50 g

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