Our company, Decomagia was created through our love for art and the need to share this love with everyone. Our knowledge and ideas made this plan come true. So at 2006 we created a special place with the objective to become an “artists’ shelter”.

We started by working the decoupage technique but the huge response from the people and our own need for evolution drove us to the next level. We added other kinds of crafting like scrapbooking, mixed media and a new technique which was created in our workshop, the decoscrap which combines elements from decoupage and scrapbooking. Also, at our company you can find products for painting and any kind of crafting, such as sculpture painting, felting, clay, furniture and home renovation and many selected items for home decoration and artifical flowers.

This way Decomagia Hobbyshow evolved in the greatest provider of materials for all this kinds of crafting. We have huge variety of more than 15.000 materials from companies from all over the world and we always search for new things.

Our company has its base at Alimos in a 1.000 sqm, which includes a big store and a workshop. Also we have an e-shop for retail and wholesale costumers all over the world. We help every businessman who wants to involve with those techniques not only by providing materials but also with giving them the proper know-how for all their steps. Our goal is, through our affiliates, to spread our love for art and crafting at every corner of the world.

The soul of our company is Maja, one of the first artists who helped spreading the decoupage art in Greece. She was and still is sharing her expertise around many techniques at our workshops. Maja’s moto is “you learn every day you live” so she is constantly trying to evolve by traveling in many places with the purpose of learning new techniques which she will share with everyone.
The most important piece of our company is our unique seminars workshop. There, Maja and our other teachers share their expertise in beautiful techniques. The students learn but also get inspiration for their own creations. Many of the students that got into the art world through our seminars now are professionals and teach too.

Additionally in our seminars workshop we organize many free presentations for the new techniques and materials.

There is no wrong or right in art. That’s why in our workshop everyone has a place. Everyone is invited to share ideas, to give and get inspiration and discover a beautiful way to satisfy the need of creation. We are waiting all of you in our table to share the love of art and crafting.